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What is it and why do you need a consulting for your Surf Hotel?

by | Sep 11, 2019

Yes, you decided to change your life. Correct, you were clear that you wanted to live surfing, but you didn’t know how. No doubt you had to find a way to do it because no man can live only surfing. And thinking, you found the way: set up an accommodation for surfers in a place with waves. Then you combine passion and profession. So you did it.

But it has not been as easy as you expected. To make your dream come true, while surfing, you need professional assistance.

Consultations specialized in hotel management can provide this help. In your specific case, what you need is the help of a consultant specialized in Surf Hospitality.

In order for a hotel to function optimally, knowledge of the subject is required. And if the accommodation also includes Surfing, then we also need knowledge in this industry.

What is a consultancy?

A consultancy company is made up of different professional experts in a sector that can help create or improve your business, develop your idea, optimize results or diagnose problems and propose how to solve them. Normally the helps can be in two ways:

  • They analyze the desired aspect or detect the problem and propose the necessary actions to be taken to solve it yourself.

  • They work with you to solve problems and they take care of your team to implement and execute the necessary tools for each situation.

The objective of the consultant is always to help those who do not have enough knowledge and experience to improve and modify aspects related to their business or help solve problems or situations so you can move forward.

The role of the consultant

The consultant’s role fundamentally, no matter the type of your accommodation, Surf Resort, Surf Hotel, Surf Hostel, Surf House, Surf Camp or whatever you want to call it, is the following:

  • Advice on the creation and conceptualization of a business. Define or detect plans, strategies, processes and actions that can improve.

  • Analyze and diagnose problems. Define solutions and improvements to achieve optimal results.

What are the services that can offer you a consulting firm specialized in Surf accommodation?

  • Conceptualization and repositioning.

    • If you have an idea in mind of how you would like to set up your accommodation and do not know how to execute it, a consulting company can shape that idea, paying attention to the smallest details.

    • You have already opened your hotel but you notice that something is wrong, that does not connect with your customer target. A consulting firm helps you to define well your market niche and reposition you to attract more and more customers.

    • It is difficult that the team understands what you want. You do not know why some days they work very well and others they dont see the grasp the assigments. A consulting team helps you to define all the operational and quality processes for each team member know exactly what to do and how at all times, offering quality standards problems for your guests.

  • Marketing and Sales Area:

    • You know that marketing and image are the basis for selling and filling your rooms, but you lack time and knowledge in the field, an experienced consultant can help you define the strategic plans: business, communication and marketing.

    • Everyone talks about “reputation”, but, how do you get it? Let a consultancy helps you improve your online reputation and the experience of your clients.

    • Sales channels, package creation, loyalty program, promotions, etc., yes, all madness, consultancies, not only dominate these aspects. They do have the necessary contacts to stop worrying about these issues.

  • Coaching and Training:

    • It is always good to learn constructively, the best way to do it is through training for managers and teams.

  • Consulting for Surf Centers: Thought that buying several boards and having one or a few instructors in your Surf School would work without problems. Wrong.

    • You need professional advice so that your surfing center works correctly, offers a benchmark quality in the sector (there are many schools, but none like yours), and it manages the annual material in an optimal way, returning to the maximum the investment involved in the purchase of boards, wetsuits and accessories.

  • Transaction and Asset Management:

    • Your business is going well. You are thinking of expanding but you have a thousand doubts. A consulting company helps you decide if it’s the right time and advises you in the realization of your expansion plan.

    • The consultancy also advises you in the buy-sell operation, helps you with the investors search and operators if you need them. And they can follow up if you want.

Why do I need a consulting in my Surf Lodge?

Because it will change your life, just like that decision you made to leave everything and run a Surf Hotel.

The consultancy will facilitate your day to day, from the moment you open the doors of your accommodation. It will allow you to professionalize and professionalize your team and your services. It will help you analyze your possibilities, to plan, to define processes and actions, to self-assess and detect problems and find solutions.


  • You will have solid, professional and expert advice and guidance. You will avoid having to waste time with trial and error tests to move forward and get results.

  • It will bring a new constructive vision of your business. It’s not always seen from inside the same way than from outside.

  • You will have personalized and close support and the consultants are involvedand commit seriously. You won’t feel just fighting the universe,without even knowing how.

  • They will give you access to your industry network, so you can expand opportunities and you can surely reduce costs.

  • It will improve your organizational structure and the work team climate, as well as the quality and reputation of your accommodation.

  • It will shorten times and facilitate change management processes, obtaining results quickly.

And now that you know what a consultancy is and everything that it can do for you, what are you waiting for?. Hoping this information has helped you. If you have felt identified, do not hesitate to contact us!

Bruno Muchada

Co-Founder & Senior Consultant