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Types of accommodation for your surf holidays

by | Sep 22, 2019

Once the spot has been decided and the ticket purchased, it is time to choose the accommodation, and now you start planning: Surf House, Surf Hotel, Surf Resort?. Which is the difference between each other?, What do they offer and what don’t?.

From now on, out of doubt, here is the guide to choose accommodation that best suits your preferences to spend an unforgettable vacation.

Surf accommodations types

  • Surf Camp: Perhaps, the most popular name. In practice it has become widespread and applies interchangeably to both accommodations type: Surf House and/or Surf Hostel, as well as surf packages for a 1 or 2 weeks.
  • Surf House: It is a place with a few rooms. Usually, bathrooms are shared in a family atmosphere; you will probably know the owner. It can be affordable in terms of prices, and with common areas to share time with other guests, the closest thing to a large surf family home.
  • Surf Hostel: Similar to a Surf House, in terms of concept (although more shaped), it can be different in room’s number, dimensions and prices. Rooms and bathrooms are usually shared or private. Common spaces (rooms, lounges, kitchen, terrace, etc.) are especially relevant; they are very detailed spaces, where relationship between guests is encouraged. Interaction between clients and the fact of sharing the experience of the trip and, in this case, of a common passion such as Surfing is what give these accommodations a special charm and good vibes.
  • Surf Hotel: A hotel of any category, the operation is closely related to the activity that motivates the travel of the majority of the clients that stay there. In this case, it would be a hotel whose room’s sale is linked to surfing as the main activity, regardless of the level of surfers. We can talk about a hotel with a Surf School, or simply a hotel located in a privileged location with an incredible and accessible surfspot and facilities to store boards, travel to other spots, etc.
  • Surf Resort: In principle, the most significant difference between hotel and resort, at least when we describe it, is the location, resorts are usually located in natural environments outside the city centers, usually 4 and 5 stars category and offer complimentary services. Although as said “in principle”, today the high hospitality competition that exists in almost all destinations, hotels are on point, and usually also include all kind of services and facilities: spas, gyms, restaurants, etc…

In Surfhospitality (accommodations created by and / or for surfers) the difference between hotel and resort is not usually very noted, since, in terms of location, both are usually in natural environments and enclaves and both tend to take care of their offer.

What should you consider for the right choice?

Keep in mind the explanation you have above to know accommodation types that you can find when planning your surf holidays. As said, the only important thing is to have your passport ready and travel during surf season in the chosen destination.

In all cases we have mentioned: Surf House, Surf Hostel, Surf Hotel or Surf Resort, what you will find is a surf vibe that will not leave you indifferent. Rest is important, if you want to give your all and tides are going to be your alarm clock, and accommodation owners know this, they will make sure that you sleep and recover strength wherever you stay.

Additionally, an important detail, no doubt, is where the charm that characterizes them is born: surfing.

Everything is designed to do nothing during the stay but sleep, surf, eat, surf, share the of the surf session highlights with your friends and repeat!

You know the differences now between accommodation types that you can find in surfing destinations. You already know that whatever you choose: fun and good surfing are guaranteed, you have numerous of platforms that provide you with the information to manage your reservation, such as Totalsurfcamp, Booksurfcamps or Surfholidays among others, so you are all set!.

I hope this info works for you, and if you need to expand more details, we will happy to help, please contact us anytime.

Bruno Muchada

Co-Founder & Senior consultant




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